Ever since I was young, I have always been fascinated with the ability to create whatever it is I want with my own two hands. This has always been my passion. Nowadays I focus mainly on Web Design, with hopes to be a great designer working for a great designing compnay. Bayne Designs is my portfolio site. A place to showcase what I am capable of for the web. It is also a place to show what I am capable outside of the web. Down below you can see a promotional video I helped work on for Forever Entertainment and Forever Deango Productions. The video showcases a yearly summer event known as the "Epic Pool Party Series." Also down below is a music player full of music I have done. Music is another passion of mine. You'll see the name Niekota, that is just a "stage" name I have given myself.


For any business inquires you can contact me (Anthony Bayne) through:
Phone: (970)324-1069

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